In commemoration of the Zeppelin of World War I, Siemens, one of the major companies in Germany, constructed the "Neo Zeppelin" by installing strong engines and creating a non-flammable body for military purposes. The Neo Zeppelin was flying between Germany and England to transport people and supplies. On a trip from Germany to England, terrorists hijacked the Neo Zeppelin which was loaded up with a large amount of weapons and bombs. Like German airships in World War 1, the terrorists hijacked the Neo Zeppelin to fly a bombing attack on England. Though the Neo Zeppelin is flying through the straits of Dover, it's impossible to shoot down the airship, since VIP's from many countries are on board.


It's a blimp in the sky, there is an outer level on the hull and an inner level within. You can fall off so dont jump around or move too close to the edges. Spawn points are on either end of the airship. This is the most open map in all of Wolfteam, and very sniper friendly. There is a 'cabin' area in the middle with doors on either side. This is probably the least favored map for Deathmatch mode.


  • Don't fall off the edge. Playing this map a few times will help you understand how far you can go without falling off. Use the edges to flank your opponents; they can't see you if you're far enough off to the side. Travel this way instead of out in the open.
  • Use the under deck wisely. Camping out below is a common strategy, especially with wolves. If you decide to go below deck, there is a good chance someone is waiting for you there.
  • Be careful when traveling below, humans will get hurt if they walk off the ledge in the cargo area.
  • Spawn camping is also common in this map. The engines and fins provide good cover for campers and make them hard to dispose of. Make sure your spawn point is clear before moving on.
  • The cabin area is a good place for campers too. There are raised areas next to the doorways which can provide a nasty surprise for anyone who comes in.
  • This map is easy to strategize in. Make sure your teammates know where the enemy is. (Left side, right side, below, middle, etc.)

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Zeppelin layout


Zeppelin gameplay