Z-3 FB


Using western standard 7.62mm ammo, it is both great in power and effective at range, but the recoil becomes a problem with fully automatic fire. It abdicated the position of the official German rifle to the Z-36 and retired, but was distributed cheaply in large amounts to Pride when it was first established.


  • This gun tends to get jumpy when fired continuously and loses accuracy quickly.
  • Walk or crouch when firing with this gun, it has terribly low on the move accuracy.
  • It can make short work of Wolves when firing at the head, but the bullet spread can get you killed if you're not close enough.
  • The Z-3 FB has very high penetration and can easily make wall piercing shots.


Z-3 C (found in Mania 16 Package)

Z-3 FB stat

Z-3 FB stats

Z-3 C

Z-3 C in-game (identical to FB)