Z-36 MC


The Z-36 is the selected official German rifle after the Z-3, and is also used in South America as a main weapon. With well-built structure, it maintains stable performance. With it's polymer body and optical scope, it became a typical 21st century weapon. This version features a camoflage exterior coating as well as various improvements.


  • This is a vastly improved version over the original. It has higher damage, accuracy, and better recoil control.
  • This is probably the fastest firing assault rifle in the game, and the distance accuracy suffers because of this.
  • Despite the fact this model has a scope shown on it, it's not capable of scoped fire (removed in a patch).
  • Use this weapon in mid-close range combat, it has a very fast fire rate and will quickly kill anything close to it.
  • This weapon can scare Wolves fairly easily if kept under sustained fire, especially at close range.
  • Remember to aim for the head.


Z-36 AT


Z-36 MC stat

Z-36 MC stats

Z-36 MC

Z-36 MC in-game