Z-36C PX


This is a smaller version of the Z-36, the predecessor of the XEM-8, and the major rifle of the German army, requested by the special forces. It's polymer body helps reduce weight and recoil. The WT model is made for the Wolf task force and has improved cyclic rate for increased fire power. This version has a pixelated coating.


  • This is quite possibly the most accurate assault rifle in Wolf Team.
  • Whether you prefer up close headshots or long distance shots, the Z-36C is suited for both.
  • This is one of the few weapons you can run around with and not worry too much about losing your accuracy. Walking will only improve the accuracy a little.
  • This model has a lowered cyclic rate which greatly improves accuracy, and is incredibly easy to get headshots with.
  • This weapon does the most headshot damage in the game so far.


Z-36C CS


Z-36C PX stat

Z-36C WT PX stats

Z-36C PX

Z-36C WT PX in-game

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