Z-36C CS


This is a smaller version of the Z-36, the predecessor of the XEM-8, and the major rifle of the German army, requested by the special forces. It's polymer body helps reduce weight and recoil. The CS model is made for anti-terror units. It has a lower cyclic rate and improved accuracy.


  • This gun is one of the more accurate weapons in Wolf Team.
  • Whether you prefer up close headshots or long distance shots, the Z-36C is suited for both.
  • This is one of the few weapons you can run around with and not worry too much about losing your accuracy. Walking will only improve the accuracy a little.
  • It's not advised to purchase all the upgrades with this weapon, only the ones you need.


Z-36C PX

Z-36C SL

Z-36C CS stat

Z-36C CS stats

Z-36C CS

Z-36C CS in-game