WolfTeam is a Free-To-Play First Person Shooter developed by Softnyx.


Gameplay Edit

The game pits together two teams: Red Team and Blue Team. The objective of the game is for players to eliminate the other team, plant the bomb, or capture all the control points in game modes such as: Destruction, Ice Hold, Conquest, WolfHunt and Deathmatch.

Maps Edit

There are total of 27 different maps in WolfTeam. These maps are:Covolt Bridge, Paien Lab, Street, Rose, Station, Wolf City, Frozen, Battle Zone, Arrival, Storage, Zeppelin, Container Ship, Junk Field, Base 3275, Two Temple, Train Factory, War Plant, Scent, City Arena, Wolf Center, Castle, Survival, Cage , Taksim , Secret Lab, Sector 7 and Power Plant. There is also an option to play on a Random map.

Game Modes Edit

There are total of 6 main game modes in WolfTeam. These are: Deathmatch, Ice Hold, Destruction, Conquest, EX-Conquest, Wolfhunt and Wolf Conquest. There is also an option to play with these modes on Classic which means knives will replace wolves. Destruction also has Destruction s2 mode which is wolves (blue) vs humans (red). Sub-modes are also included, which alter Deatchmatch Classic, where either pistols, knives or grenades replacing the primary gun.

Weaponry Edit

There is a wide variety of weaponry in Wolf Team. These weapons are categorized as Basic Weapons, Standard Weapons and Heavy Weapons. There are also different Grenades, Pistols and Knives you can use.

Wolves Edit

There are also a wide variety of wolves you can play as in WolfTeam. These wolves are categorized as Basic Wolves and Wolf Mutation Wolves. Wolves have higher health, movement and damage advantages but have the absence of a ranged attack which deals damage, except for beserker , which pays the price of its own life. Tattoos and Scratches are also available for dealing extra damage as wolf, or gaining a GP bonus.