Upon the request of the terrorist organization Axion, Maxim, the largest weapon development company in the U.S, developed germ weapons. During a performance test, the weapon was exposed to the U.S. government, and the U.S. government forced Maxim to discard the weapons and shut down the plant. Maxim hired Pride to keep the core technology of new weapon, but the U.S. government also hired Pride to deter Maxim and destroy the new weapon.


This map contains two main buildings, one being the 'weapons' factory and the other being a garage area. Spawn points are contained in both of these buildings. In the factory area, there are vents running along the roof portion. On top of the garage area, there is a plank which lies on the edge of the building and allows access to the ventilation area of the factory.


  • This map is an excellent exercise in strategy. Communicate with your team, even if you're dead. It could win the round for you.
  • This map also presents an unfair advantage for teams with numbers in their favor. It's difficult to get around here without being spotted, so resurrecting your team or planting the bomb is incredibly difficult.
  • Don't be too eager to charge in either building. Camping is very common in this map and you can be picked off very easily.
  • Stick together in this map. Running off by yourself won't win the match.

If redEdit

  • If you decide to charge in the factory area, make sure you check the rafters and the tops of the ventilation shafts. Players like to camp up there to surprise the enemy.
  • The roof above the red spawn is a great camping area. You can hold out the entire match there due to only two access points (the ladder and the plank) which are easily defensible, though camping out up there is only useful in Ice Hold.
  • If you're playing Destruction s2, have someone cover the right or left sides of the factory on top of the red spawn. This can mean victory if the blue side gets antsy and tries to charge you.

If blueEdit

  • Use the top of the factory to your advantage. There is a ladder on your right behind the door near your spawn which allows you to get up there. There is another ladder on the raised walkway to the left outside the door. (This one isn't a good choice as you are susceptible to fire) Getting up there is vital for removing campers on top of the red base.
  • Get on top of the ventilation shafts. This gives you the element of surprise.
  • You can usually wait out the red side by hanging out in your base. Make sure the entrances are covered and that you have someone watching the ventilation area.

Used inEdit

Ice Hold


Destruction s2


War Plant layout


War Plant gameplay