This is a rocket launcher secretly developed by G.D. based on the PIzF 4-XN-900. It not only has a large attack range, but also an offensive gas that recognizes deformed genes of Wolves. Intensified and light weight compound metal is adopted for its sighting telescope and launcher.

This weapon is considered a heavy weapon and will not be available unless the room master has approved of it. This weapon is available in the gold shop and in the Mania 16 Package.


  • Fire where you expect them to be if they kept moving.
  • Fire at the ground near the target. Do not try to hit the enemy directly.
  • Travel with teammates. A lone human in the front lines is not a good idea. If you're the last one ahead, retreat back into friendly territory and wait for your teammates.
  • This weapon has very little ammo, make sure you pick up some more after you make a kill.

WT RL-2 stat

WT RL-2 stats


WT RL-2 in-game

WT-RL 2 firemode

WT RL-2 fire mode