The WT MG-1 is an upgraded version of the M3M which was created in early 21st century. It has been downsized and lightened. Due to its stable engine part and recoil absorption system with tripod, the recoil decreased and the accuracy rate increased. It is not adopted in Pride but in G.D.

This weapon is considered a heavy weapon and will not be available unless the room master has approved of it. This is the default turret you receive in Wolf Conquest and EX-Conquest modes.


  • Turrets take long to deploy, so make sure you're covered or you don't see any enemies before setting it up.
  • Set it up in a corner or some place where you won't be flanked easily.
  • If there are snipers available in the mode you are playing, don't expect to last long unless you have good reflexes.
  • This model is less accuate than the EM-2 HB, but does more damage.

WT MG-1 stat

WT MG-1 stats

Turret 1

WT MG-1 in-game

WT-MG 1 firemode

WT MG-1 fire mode