UMF-45 WTEdit


Its outstanding Stun ability with 45 ammo is very effective to both Human and Wolf. M.E.D.U.S.A, Counter Wolf team of G.D Company, adopted this model to use in real combat. WT type makes low stun and recoil control but its accuracy is increased. WT type have specifically customized for GD corporation. Anti-wolf combat team, and it has upgraded cycle rate and accuracy for mission success.


  • Low recoil, but low damage
  • Good for short range and medium range, sometimes long range
  • Buying the scope upgrade can help you go long range, but you have to burst
  • Not using burst, you can just hold down the trigger and aim, since this gun basically has no recoil at all
  • Low WP


A good overall gun, low WP and low recoil, so if you have good aim, it's a great gun, but if you don't, use other guns for better accuracy.


The UMF-45 WT zoomed in.


The UMF-45 WT In game.