These temples were ancient relics found by the French army. They are the place where the original wolf body was transferred to Paien. This place is considered a shrine by PRIDE members. However, a sectarian from PRIDE is trying to destroy Two Temples.


This map places you on temple grounds. You fight each other amongst the ruins. The spawn points here are quite close and engagement can occur within five seconds of the match starting. The ruins make for interesting tactics, but most of the fighting occurs below ground in the tunnels or above ground in the alleys between the buildings. Strategic communication is somewhat difficult here.


  • This is a great close quarters map. Utilize your shotguns here.
  • Don't rush your enemy. Let them come to you.
  • Many veteran players know where and when to throw their grenades. Don't be surprised if you get blown up before you turn the corner.
  • Wolf camping in the tunnels is common, travel in teams of two at the very minimum.
  • Don't travel alone. There is plenty of cover in this map with which to take out an enemy and get away with it. Stay in a tight formation and watch your backs.
  • Turrets are fairly effective here as well. If you find a good corner to plant your turret, you can get plenty of kills. It's recommended that you have more than one turret to watch all sides and a supporting teammate to cover you in case a wolf gets behind you.

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Ice Hold


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Two Temple layout


Two Temple gameplay


Two Temple gameplay 2