Colombia, the largest drug-producing country in Latin America, carried out a mission called "White bullet" for 4 months in order to sweep out drug companies and the rebels. The rebels and drug companies hired Pride and gained independence in 2021. In opposition to this situation, the Columbian government hired Prides to fight for them. On Oct.17th, 2021 a large amount of drugs were detected at Bogota station and it was verified to be the financial resource of the cartels for the purpose of supporting the rebels. The drug company try to take drugs loaded in a train and transfer them to another place. The Colombian military were out in force to protect the train but were annihilated by Pride members. As a countermove, the Colombian government unavoidably hired Pride members.


This map is set in a depot-like environment. There are trains and crates all around the place. There are two parts to this map; one side being in an enclosed area and the other in an open area with train cars all around. Spawn points are fairly close and engagement is possible within five seconds of the round starting.


  • This map plays similarly to Station.
  • This map plays well with mid-range assault weapons, though it is not imperative that you use them.
  • Make sure you don't use snipers here unless you're confident in your abilities.
  • Don't rush your opponents. Veteran players know where to throw their grenades, so hanging back and waiting for your enemies to waste their grenades is a good idea. After playing a few rounds, you should get the idea of where they throw them and when.
  • People tend to camp out on the main engine in the garage area near the red spawn point.
  • Turning right from the red spawn point, you'll face a stack of crates. Wall running will enable you to camp out up there. This is a good spot, but is vulnerable to fire from anyone coming out of the red spawn.
  • It is safe to go off by yourself here. This map is fairly easy to memorize.

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