Human TipsEdit

Well if you actually read the game guide, (Ill post the link below) They pretty much give you the answer of how to kill a wolf/power wolf in a Human Vs. Wolf situation.

Read the negatives to being a wolf. And read the positives of being a Human. If you STILL dont understand how to effectively Pwn any wolf. Ill give you the answer.............. Below the guide link.

This is for if your doing a 1v1. Or a 2v2 ( Usually requires atleast 2)

Step 1. If your opponent is a Wolf, Have someone effectively be.........Bait! Whats a wolf want more then to win? To eat you. Have someone stand out in the open.( I recommend someone with a good gun), The wolf in question will 99.99999% Of the time chase him down.

Step 2. When the wolf has discovered you and is barreling down to you, SHOOT IT. Every gun has a effect on a wolf (Main weapon, Pistols do nothing) They essentially provide a lag effect on sed Wolf. It makes them slow down, Especially when they are Wall-running.

Step 3. If the Bait fails at killing the wolf. Have your team mate watching your back. The best way to conquer any wolf, Is teamwork. Memorize that, T E A M W O R K. It is hard for a Human to kill a Wolf if the Wolf knows how to play. They run, duck (No they dont quack.xD), jump, climb and slash. Making it hard for 1 person to kill a Wolf. Teamwork is the key to killing any, I repeat, ANY Wolf.

Step 4. Repeat until you can do this without hesitation.

And thats my interpretation of how to kill a Wole/Power Wolf.. Some of you may have different ideas, and tactics, but thats how i do it. And before i forget.

This is for a high player map. 8v8. 6v6 etc.

Step 1. Use the buddy system, I know this sounds lame, But if you get ripped to shreds, Usually you can pop of 1 or 2 shots, And your buddy can finish him/her off. Then rez you (Ice Hold), Or guard the area until you get back.

Wolf TipsEdit

Use groups, 2-3 wolves are hard to take down.

Avoid open areas and use boxes and walls to your advantage.

Sometimes its better to just sit and wait to make sure your saf before moving on.