The Axion terrorists had been selling drugs in Mexico to secure funds, and had grown into the largest drug trafficking organization in the world. Mexico's drug market was growing so rapidly that the Mexican government had announced a crackdown on illegal drugs. The Mexican government found out that Axion used a street in Mazatlan (harbor city) to import and distribute drugs, so they hired Pride members to sweep the area and deter the Axion terrorists.


This is a pretty straight forward map, It's a simple street with 2 paths on the sides and one down the middle. This map is a common sniper map as it is easy to pick off other players from across the whole map.


  • This is not a wolf recommended map, it's very open and sniper friendly.
  • If you do choose a wolf, be sure to stay behind objects and DO NOT sit still.

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Ice Hold

Street layout

Sreet layout


Street gameplay