Though Prides need more Anti-Epoxyn to get stronger and recruit their members, Paien officially stopped it's production, and Anti-Epoxyn made from several facilities captured by prides is in scarcity. Many Prides are doing their best to secure their own Anti-Epoxyn. A large amount of Anti-Epoxyn, Paien's last production, is stored confidentially at Carcassonne castle in France.


This is a fairly tactical map. There are two paths on each side with a middle path running through the courtyard. One side is lowered into a wine cellar and the other is raised up into the 'castle.' There are two identical maps used (Storage1 and Storage2). The first is used for Deathmatch mode and the other for Destruction mode. This Map has also been known to be one of the most bugy maps in WolfTeam history with alot of easy ways to get on the roofs where you where not suppose to be.


  • The topmost area is often a good camping spot. Well organized teams can hold the upper area for the entire match. There are only two doorways which allow access to the top area (if you're playing Classic mode). Aside from lobbing grenades through the balcony, they won't be able to touch you.
  • There are several camping spots in this map, which consist of pillars, boxes, and open doors.
  • Since it's so easy to camp out the rival team in this map, make sure you maintain good communication. Some players like to base camp here.
  • This isn't the best map for sniping. Midrange weapons or shotguns are preferred here.

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Destruction s2

Storage layout

Storage layout


Storage gameplay