There is a big monorail station in the middle of this foggy and cold alpine city. Entrance of civilians and media are restricted by the Swiss army in the vicinity of the city. In the middle of the monorail station, there are many trains that have been stopped, including one with a strategic nuclear bomb that African terrorists attempted to carry in.


This is a dreary and fairly simple map. It's set in a 'monorail' station with accompanying buildings and storage containers. Spawn points are on either side of the map, diagonal from one another. Enemies can be tricky to spot with the dark nature of the map.


  • Mid-range assault rifles work wonders here.
  • Keep moving. Camping is not a good idea here, especially if you're playing Ice Hold. If you're a camper by heart, there's a good spot in the window in the building by the red spawn point which overlooks the station entrance.
  • You can split up here if you want, it's not a very big map. Getting to your allies is simply a matter of not being seen.

Used inEdit

Ice Hold Conquest


Station layout


Station gameplay