Decisive evidence to resolve a territorial dispute or cause war in Asia is hidden in a villa of Kyoto, Japan. Depending on the use of the evidence, the war could be broken out or the map of Asia could be changed. Some Prides are trying to secure the evidence and others are trying to destroy it. Battle is brewing between the Prides.


Scent is a pretty map. There are cherry blossom trees in bloom all around the place. Bamboo along the inner walls provides cover and camouflage for veteran players. One spawn point is in the courtyard and the other is outside the village. There are tunnels below the buildings which allow for flanking maneuvers.


  • The key is to keep moving and have someone always watching your back.
  • There are many hiding spots for a wolf or a camper to hide in.
  • Stay together and move as a group, never go off by yourself.

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Ice Hold


Destruction s2

Scent layout

Scent layout


Scent gameplay