Avert nuclear plant is located in Roxanne which is a newly independent nation in northern Europe. The rebels have continuously proven to be a hazard toward the plant, so the government employed Prides to protect the plant from rebel attack. The rebels have tried to invade several times, but the overwhelming power of Prides have put down the rebel’s attack every time. Finally, the rebels also hired Prides and attempted to set upon the plant again. This is the war for a plant among Prides hired to each side.


This is a nuclear power plant. There are lots of shiny high tech things around here. The 'core' is viewable in the middle of the map, underneath a protective transparent floor. Spawn points are on opposite sides of the map and deployment occurs in a rainbow fasion, where each team meets at the center of the rainbow.


  • Charge to the front! Capturing command post C is imperative here. This is the most fought over post. Capturing it early gives you a much better chance of winning.

If redEdit

  • If you're playing on the red team, place a turret near command post B. Wolves will always try to come through the entryway near there. You should also have a clear view of any wolves attempting to capture command post C.
  • Get up on the raised walkways near command post C. These give you a clear view of the area below and any wolves coming your way.

If blueEdit

  • Make good use of Ghost wolf 2 here. There are tunnel areas running along the side of the main area where you can sneak around and get to command post B.
  • Guards are useless here except as distractions. If you're going to use one, let your team know about it so they can charge. If not, chances are you're going to be shot to pieces for nothing.
  • Make good use of your ranged wolves. Psychos can pull campers out of their spots and Icers can freeze them for a quick kill.

Used inEdit

Wolf Conquest


Power Plant layout


Power Plant gameplay