MK-5 GEdit


This is a grenade chosen and used by many countries in the early and mid 21st century. It is also considered user friendly due to stability of its usage. Comfortable and generalized in both portability and application, MK-5G has been used in Pride and G.D. It is generally called MK-5WT while its name varies by countries.


  • Throw at a 45 degree angle upwards
  • The "Suicide bomber" technique is when you ready the grenade, but get killed instead of throwing the grenade. So when you die, it drops down to where you died, and explodes.
  • Can kill a human at full HP when stood upon.

Pumpkin Grenades (Halloween 2009)Edit

In the Halloween update, the MK-5G's were turned into explosive pumpkins.


The MK-5 G In game.