A submachine gun made under the name of the developer, Ingram. Efficient in continuous shooting and easy to carry, it was habitually used in illegal civil organizations for it's low manufacture cost. A high-speed trigger system functioning in a short-barrelled weapon gives it efficiency in short-ranged battles. It is not used in Pride but some members carry it as their personal weapon.

This is a default weapon players start with. It never expires from the inventory and cannot be upgraded.


  • Only good for short ranged battles, but some middle ranged battles can work with the MEC. Don't attempt long range combat.
  • The MEC is a great short ranged weapon, though it falls short of long ranged battles.


MEC-11 (found in the gold shop and in the Mania 16 Package)

MEC-11 ST stat

MEC-11 ST stats

MEC-11 ingame

MEC-11 ST ingame