J-89 AT


The J-89 is the official Japanese automatic rifle which is used by the Self-Defense Force. It has good durability and to decrease recoil, uses 5.56mm bullets. It was only used in the Japanese army, and it was extremely expensive before it became popularized in the middle of the 21st century. Since it's under an embargo, Pride won't be able to use it. This particular model features an engraved surface as well as various enhancements.


  • The stats on this weapon are identical to the original J-89 stats, but this model features a scope and laser attachment for enhanced aiming.
  • This is a fairly balanced weapon with few major flaws.
  • This gun can be used while walking or running without a large decrease in accuracy, though walking is preferred for maximum accuracy.
  • Due to low Wolf stunning ability and high headshot damage, this gun is better suited for Classic (human only) combat rather than for fighting Wolves.



J-89 MC

J-89 AT stat

J-89 AT stats

J-89 AT

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