I-115 T


This is a bolt action style sniper rifle using Magnum ammo which was modified from the L-96A1 which used 7.62mm ammo manufactured by Accuracy General in England. The T style is used by policemen and soldiers in several countries in Europe. Using Magnum ammo which has high durability and accuracy, it's specialized to be used with mid range strategies in city environments.


  • Often reffered to as the AWP (Arctic Warfare Police).
  • If hit in the legs or arms, the enemy is left with 11 HP. (Close range pistol use at this point will save you a bullet)   
  • It's quite a heavy gun; use your pistol, knife, or Wolf transformation when moving.
  • Stand still while shooting or crouch (default Ctrl) and walk (default Shift) while shooting. If you're running, your accuracy is greatly decreased.
  • There's really no need to buy upgrades, but if you feel like it you can. The long distance scope sometimes comes in handy.
  • It's arguably the best sniper rifle bought with gold, so use it well.
  • It's a good supporting weapon for your team, and if you're good, you can take out a whole team on your own if you have cover.


I-115 WT (found in Full Power 14 Package)

I-115 GL (found in Gold Box)

I-115A1 AW (found in Camoflage Set)

I-115 T stat

I-115 T stats


The I-115 T in game.