Blue ghost wolf2 by wfb-d30n96b


  • WP Required: 500
  • HP: 200
  • Power: Normal
  • Howl: Low
  • Speed: High
  • Ability: Hide


  • You can right click in midair to do a slash that brings you forwards at a downwards angle. You can use this move to get to other places horizontally.
  • 2 slashes will kill a human and Smart Wolf.
  • 3 slashes will kill a Basic Wolf, Ice Wolf, Psycho Wolf, and Ghost Wolf.
  • Jump around while approaching a human target to mess up their aim.
  • You can run on a wall by jumping towards it, and holding the W button.
  • Invisibility is determined by your distance from an enemy.
  • Great for camping as well as guarding.
  • The ghost transparency is effective for hit-and-run attacks.
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