A flamethrower was developed by G.D. to be used in Wolf Conquest. Unlike any existing flamethrower, it is a modulated weapon with easy carriage, and easy on and off fuel cartridges. To adopt more easily, it is developed to work similarly like an existing assault rifle. This is done by ergonomic design provided by FMN which is a developer of this weapon.

This weapon is considered a heavy weapon and will not be available unless the room master has approved of it.


  • Kills humans easily; Wolves take a little more, and are unpredictable.
  • Don't fire until you're in range of the flames hitting the target. You don't want to attract attention.
  • Flames really help your team whenever a Guardian comes up. Just stay out of the way of his claws, although its better to get a guardian down to 1HP and your teammates finish him off then have him kill everyone else while you're still alive.

GD AWFL stat

GD AWFL stats


GD AWFL in-game

GD AWFL firemode

GD AWFL fire mode