Multi-national Weapons Company G.D. which is based in the U.S, introduced a new bomb called the F-Bomb. When the F-Bomb explodes, it will absorb heart energy from buildings and creatures, thus destroying them by the extreme temperature difference. One of the F-Bombs exploded, and three of them went missing while being shipped to New York. Battle is brewing between the Prides to find and secure the three missing F-Bombs.


This map is similar to City Arena. There are frozen buildings and iced over vehicles in the streets. This is a fairly large map. There is a central bridge connecting the two main building clusters together. This bridge is commonly fought over. The spawn points are far from one another.


  • Secure the bridge area first (command post C). This area becomes important near the end of every game.
  • Utilize Psycho wolves in this map if you're playing a wolf mode. There are many wide open streets with which to nail your enemies from afar. Close quarter wolves are preferred though.
  • If playing Conquest, turrets are incredibly effective here. A well placed turret can make all the difference. Setting up a turret in a corner facing an open area is preferred. There aren't too many places a wolf can hide in the main street. Beware of Ghost 2 wolves though. They can sneak up on you while wall running.
  • Ghost wolves are often utilized in the bridge area, so listen for those heartbeats! Throwing a grenade in that area to check is a good idea.
  • Command post D is often a favorite camping spot for Ghosts.

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Wolf Conquest

Wolf War


Frozen layout


Frozen gameplay