EM-92 FS


This is a pistol made by Beretta of Italy named EM-92 by the American army. Famous for it's reasonable recoil and wide use. It's high diffusion and familiar usage are one of it's advantages. Despite the fact that 9mm ammo is more or less ineffective against wolves, it has been supplied for Pride members. Due to frequent slide replacement caused by compulsive operation for frequent battles, a customized version with a highly-intensified slide is being used.

This is the default secondary weapon players start with. It never expires from the inventory and cannot be upgraded.


  • It's the default pistol, so use when in a tight situation when you have to reload your primary weapon.
  • This and the EM-93R are currently the only default pistols available.
  • Body shots aren't good with this gun unless the enemy is already at low health.
  • This gun is only needed if you have to reload your primary weapon, or your primary weapon is out. In any case, the other pistols are recommended if you can buy them.

EM-32 FS stat

EM-92 FS stats


EM-92 FS in-game