This is a 6 cycle semi-auto grenade launcher made in South Africa. It was modulated by the US Marines, but it was very hard to put in and fire out a shell. It was improved by attaching a cylinder to use in Wolf Conquest. It is used by Pride and G.D. with a customized shell using a delay fuze. To reduce production cost, optical equipment is not included in the basic model.

This weapon is considered a heavy weapon and will not be available unless the room master has approved of it.


  • Make sure to arc your shots, the grenades will not travel in a straight line.
  • Utilize the rangefinder in fire mode to better adjust your angle.
  • Shots will not explode on impact; there is a two second delay after they have been fired.
  • This weapon isn't terribly effective against wolves unless you have them cornered.
  • Stay in the back of the group. It is by no means a front lines weapon.

EM-32 stat

EM-32 stats


EM-32 in-game with fire mode