It is a type of heavy machine gun using 12.7mm ammo. Installed on armored vehicles, it can be operated for anti-air or toward personnel with it's mobility. In Pride, it's purpose is to protect strategic combat points and attack enemy personnel.

This weapon is considered a heavy weapon and will not be available unless the room master has approved of it. This gun is available in the gold shop and in the Full Power 14 Package.


  • Turrets take long to deploy, so make sure you're covered or you don't see any enemies before setting it up.
  • Set it up in a corner or some place where you won't be flanked easily.
  • If there are snipers available in the mode you are playing, don't expect to last long unless you have good reflexes.
  • The range and accuracy of this gun is very high, use that to your advantage.
  • This model is less powerful than the WT MG-1, but is more accurate.

EM-2 HB stat

EM-2 HB stats

WT Turret 2

EM-2 HB in-game

EM-2 HB firemode

EM-2 HB firing mode