It's lowered series shot recoil elevated it's stability compared to the A1. Adopting 5.56mm ammo, it boasts it's high accuracy to a certain distance. Damage towards Wolves that went through abnormal physical intensification, may be rather low but it's relatively low recoil is considered good enough to be supplied to agents in their beginner's stage. Pride members must have used this weapon at least once without any exception.

This is the default primary weapon players start with. It never expires from the inventory and cannot be upgraded.


  • Burst the gun's shots, don't hold your mouse down unless you're close to the enemy. Even this gun has recoil.
  • Use the accuracy to take down long range enemies or snipers. Crouch for better aim.
  • Try aiming for the head, especially if it's a wolf.
  • Make good use of this weapon and familiarize yourself with it. You'll be using it a lot if you run out of gold.

EM16A2 stat

EM-16A2 stats


EM-16A2 in-game.