EF-2000 WT


This is a bull-pup rifle of FMN, Belgium. It provides very stable firing due to forward discharge of empty cartridge structure and improved weight balance. Additional modification has been taken place for battles against wolves so it might be more or less heavier than the original version.


  • One headshot can kill on a human, so aim well
  • Buy the scope upgrade for longer ranges
  • Only 24 rounds per clip, so reload whenever you can
  • Use the Shift key whenever shooting
  • Burst fire helps limit the amount of bullets you expend as well as helps with the recoil
  • One of the better guns in Wolfteam, a headshot from the EF-2000 can help you in tough times, although the small clip may leave you vulnerable.


EF-2000 PT (found in Full Power 14 Package)

EF-2000 Rookie

EF-2000 SPC

EF-2000 T (found in Camouflage Set)

EF-2000 LM

EF-2000 LM AT

EF-2000 LM MC

EF-2000 WT stat

EF-2000 WT stats

EF-2000 Rookie stat

EF-2000 Rookie stats

EF-2000 SPC stat

EF-2000 SPC stats

EF-2000 PT

EF-2000 PT in-game (identical to WT)