Many known Online Games have "Clans", Let me explain a little about what a Clan is:

Clans provide Wolf Team players an opportunity to form a group of friends or skilled players. Most Clan activities begin with the Clan Button, shown to the left. This also includes creating and joining clans! You need to be a certain rank to create a Clan and it also costs you Gold to create a Clan (30,000 gold to create).

Up to 32 players can be in a Clan, with 1 of those being the Clan Master.

Clan Messenger: Talk with your Clan members by pressing F2.

There is also tab in your messenger where you can look your clanmates stats and chat with them. You can press F5 to show it anytime.

The Clan Master can give leadership to any of the players by going under the tab "Manage" and selecting "Master Delegation." If the master wants to kick someone from the clan, they would select "Secession."

If the Clan Master wants to close his/her clan, he/she is able to do so on the Manage page. It takes 7 days for the clan to be closed, and during those 7 days the clan master may not join a new clan.

Clans also allow players to gain extra GP/gold from a thing called "Clan Chain." Clan Chain is activated once 3 or more players in the clan are on at once. Chain Bingo is when 21 or more players are logged on. The amount of extra GP/gold you gain depends on the level you are at. Once Chain Bingo is activated though, all players recieve a 20% increase in GP/gold gain.