Paien Russia branch, which researches and produces Anti-Epoxyn, was recently attacked by the terrorist organization Dark Anger Omesa and threw them into confusion. The leader of the brown eye pride; 'Crawl' was watching this engagement and decided to attack Paien Russia branch to secure highly confidential information. Now Paien guards are trying to prevent them from doing so.


This map is somewhat complex. It's set in a city environment similar to Frozen. There are random vehicles strewn about the place and many buildings to hide in.


  • Make yourself into an eyeball. There are many places the enemy could be hiding and waiting to ambush you.
  • Don't split up. Staying together as a team is the best thing you can do. There are vehicles and buildings separating you from your teammates if they need help. The enemy can be difficult to spot here, so it's good to have as many eyes with you as possible.

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City Arena layout


City Arena gameplay