CQC knife


The CQC knife is the default human melee weapon. It is to be used in close quarters battle or for quick killing sneak attacks. It's design is often changed to celebrate holidays. (e.g. Pocky snack for Valentines day, Candy cane knife for Christmas)

This is the default knife players start with. It never expires from the inventory.


  • Primary Attack: Quick Slash [60-70 damage]
  • Secondary Attack: Fatal Slash (Master this attack and you will see great results) [200 damage]
  • Counter: Press your Secondary Attack key at the same time you press your Primary Attack key, if you time it right, you should block the enemy's knife attack and then kill him with a fatal blow [>200 damage].


  • The knife is used well in the Paien Lab level, simply hide in a corner and wait for an enemy to pop up infront of you to deliver a fatal strike on their back.
  • If a (human) enemy gets too close and you happen to run out of ammo, whipping out the knife is a good idea. Sometimes your enemy will pull out theirs too if they run out.
  • Tattoo users benefit the most from knife matches. The one hit kill secondary will not kill most tattoo users after the first hit. If you know your oppenent is using a tattoo, you can almost guarantee you'll have to hit them again. This can be accomplished with a secondary attack followed by a quick primary slash.
  • If you hit a human enemy in the back, it is a guaranteed kill. Tattoos do not affect sneak attacks.


Pocky knife celebrating Valentine's Day