C-95 MC


This is a bull-pup type rifle of the Chinese army. Instead of 5.56mm ammo which is used for exportation, the Chinese army uses 5.8mm rounds. It has good durability and recoil control but it has little regard for left handed soldiers. This version features a camouflage paint job and various improvements.


  • This version has a scope and laser attachment, vastly improving the accuracy of the original model at the cost of lowered fire power.
  • This gun is a great Wolf killer, and is used often for that purpose. It has high stun and can quickly end Wolf charges.
  • Walk often with this gun, it's much more accurate if you do.
  • Don't hold down the trigger with this gun unless you're crouched or walking, the bullet spread is very wide.



C-95 AT

C-95 MC stat

C-95 MC stats

C-95 MC

C-95 MC in-game