Not far from the place where the Wolf relics were found, there is another ancient relic. This place was used for battle practice and education for wolves in ancient times. Huge and shining stones made with ancient technology and settled in a high places enable combat at night.


This is a great battling map. There are four pathways to choose from to get from one end to the other in this map. (Left side, right side, the bridge in the middle, or the path below the bridge). Spawn points are on opposite ends of the map.


  • This is a pretty decent sniper map. If you find the right spot, you can do very well. Make sure your teammates are backing you up though; the enemy can easily flank your position.
  • When using wolves here, the ground isn't always your friend. Utilize wall running as much as you can. The enemy won't be looking up at the walls when they turn the corner.
  • Once you get a good position on your enemy, they'll have a hard time breaking your barrier. Flanking is difficult in this map when you have a lot of players.
  • The raised platform next to your base is a favorite camping spot for knife mode. There are only two directions your enemy can come from (either the window or the ladder)
    so if you have two good knifers up there, they can hold that spot for most of the match.
  • If you find yourself completely pinned down, utilize the 'emergency' exit to the far left of your spawn point. It will harm you if you drop down as a human, but at least you'll get some breathing room.
    Normal players don't watch that area unless they're specifically close to it.

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Battle Zone layout

Battle Zone layout


Battle Zone gameplay