Base3275, Southern France, is a place for secret military drills exercised by the French army. The earliest members of WolfTeam trained here. It has facilities for training and a small laboratory. It is closed now.


This is a good tactical map. It takes organization to win the rounds here. The spawn points are in the junky car lots on opposite sides of the map. There are raised areas in the center of the map which allow players to see into the large rooms either through a window or a small opening.


  • Since this is a fairly large map, it's generally a good idea to stick together. If your teammates don't understand this, just follow one of the two groups your team splits into.
  • This map isn't easy to strategize on, so make sure you stay together and eliminate all of your enemies.
  • Beware of wolves lurking around the corners.
  • The 'glass rooms' in each spawn point may be hiding an enemy...sometimes more than one. You can't shoot through the glass and they can see you. Always watch the open section if you're running by. It's good practice to throw a grenade in there and make short work of anyone who comes running out.

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Ice Hold


Destruction s2


Base 3275 layout


Base 3275 gameplay