The Paien head quarter, newly built in Paris, France, is one of the tallest buildings in the world. On the roof of the building there is not only a helicopter landing pad but illuminators using solar heat, and a huge air cleaning system as well.


This is possibly the most popular and most played map in Wolfteam. It is a combo map, and very well balanced. It's very sniper friendly and provides many hiding spots and walls for wolves to hide and run along. The helipad in the center of the map is commonly fought over and used to gain a tactical advantage. You need to be cautious not to fall off the building during battles since there are no outer walls.


  • Strategy 1: Camping out on the main tower while your allies provide covering fire is very useful here. If you have a good team, you will be able to pin your enemy down for most of the match. Go in close every once in a while to keep them confused.
  • Strategy 2: Avoid the main tower and flank your enemies, eliminating them all. This is very risky, but can be very beneficial if you are careful and quiet.
  • Avoid standing still or staying in the open too long or you have a good chance of being picked off by a sniper.
  • Crouching just beneath view on the stairs is a good idea, but your enemy will be expecting it after a while.

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Arrival layout


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